Corned Beef and Knockwurst Sandwich

Corned Beef and Knockwurst Sandwich


This corned beef and knockwurst sandwich recipe is an original from my hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Cooked not far off from the griddle, it was created at Richmonds own NY Deli in the 1940s, and soon became a staple of diners and bars across the city. Crazy that its still entirely undistinguished anywhere else.

The ingredient of Corned Beef and Knockwurst Sandwich

  1. 1 knockwurst
  2. 2 teaspoons salted butter, or to taste
  3. u00bc pound deli sliced corned beef
  4. 2 slices rye bread
  5. 2 slices Swiss cheese
  6. 1 tablespoon spicy brown mustard

The instruction how to make Corned Beef and Knockwurst Sandwich

  1. Slice knockwurst into long slices.
  2. Melt butter approaching a large griddle over medium heat. Throw corned beef onto the griddle and reach it sizzling. go to knockwurst slices; cook 4 to 5 minutes.
  3. Add bread, making Definite it gets a pleasurable coat of butter and grease from the griddle. Cook for 1 minute, then flip. Place Swiss cheese on the subject of with reference to bread slices. Cover once a lid or pot to steam until cheese melts, very nearly 1 minute.
  4. sever u00a0all whatever from the griddle and gather together sandwich. Place one slice of bread in the region of a plate past the melted cheese facing up. Pile all but corned beef, knockwurst slices, and mustard. summit zenith once second slice of bread, cheese facing down. Eat hot.

Nutritions of Corned Beef and Knockwurst Sandwich

calories: 837.4 calories
carbohydrateContent: 37.3 g
cholesterolContent: 188.3 mg
fatContent: 52.5 g
fiberContent: 3.7 g
proteinContent: 50.3 g
saturatedFatContent: 25.7 g
sodiumContent: 2985.8 mg
sugarContent: 3.2 g


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